These links show supportive groups or organisations which have an interest in German songs, CDs, or German songbooks. I encourage you to visit these sites, but I cannot be held responsible for their content.
A divesre selection of classic, sacred and children's music is availbale for download as PDF-notation and MP3 files for direct listening. Within the framework of the CreativeCommones 3.0 licensing, these are available for private use only. Commercial use is not permitted under any circumstances.
Christian books to allow the Bible, the Word of God to be announced and spread. Many song books in french or german for children made by Peter van Woerden and reprinted recently.
A searchable collection of german songs sorted by category.
German folk music... in Brazilian rhythm. Is this even possible? We got together, gave it a try and discovered: not only is it possible, IT'S THE PERFECT COMBINATION!
Music CDs and Noten with quality and sustainability for parents, babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers by D.-Mercedes Wendler
An insight into history though quotations from old letters, diaries and other documents.
German folksongs arranged for guitar as well as a few original compositions for guitar. Online MP3s, midis, texts and notations for free downloads.
For song searches when texts are not fully known, try this site.
This is a good site for database song research in Austria.
A Site for children as well as parents. Singalong children's songs, stories to listen to and small stageplays from the land 'Anywhere'.
This page is meant as a platform for all those to whom the Meissner rule of 1913 as well as the declarations of 1963 and 1988 continue to be valid creeds today.
A site with an intellectual approach to the 'bŁndische' movement and its history with thought provoking questions throughout the contributions dedicated to this theme. Selected information as to the activities in the 'BŁnde'.
Alexander and Hauke, winners of several 'buendische' singing competitions, introduce their first CD on this page. Listening to sound samples and ordering can be done from here.
Large songbook archive, searches for songbooks, songs and original sources. Composers, poets, folksongs, hiking songs and much more!
Folkmusic, many music groups, an online music school and much more.
A colorful site of musicians from the Pfalz in Germany. An interesting 'Lexikon' with many definitions from the German Youth Movement. Also a 'Songbook' with many texts for downloading. Much more!
A group of 'bŁndische' Pathfinders with strong internal cohesion. The experience to truly be alive as friends is at their core.
The site of the vagabonds!
Extensive sound archive of the German Youth Movement. Sales of CDs.
Traditional bavarian dance music and songs performed by Alfons and Maria Kern. Vocals and instrumentals on traditional instruments from the time since 1300 AD.